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Hey Loves!
MY NAME IS Goldie 

But if you want to call me by my government's Stephanie. It's a pleasure to meet you!

     I am from Kansas City, MO, born and raised. The journey of hair started for me several years ago. I have been doing locs well over 10 years. I didn't truly see my passion for it until about 5 years ago. If you know me already then you know I am an open book. I ended up in San Antonio after life showed me every dark hole you could possibly enter. I landed in Houston first and after two years I then moved to San Antonio. I knew I wanted to do hair as a full time job, but like so many of us we get comfortable with being content. This urge I felt to do hair kept burning inside until one day I took a leap of faith. I quit my full time job and began doing hair out of my house. Fast-forward a year later and I now have a private suite and am blessed to have clients who remain faithful to me. 

     The Loc journey is something I know and love. I recently cut all my locs off to restart my hair journey, so I know the process very well. The loc journey is more than just a hair growth journey. It's about learning to love ourselves free of judgement, gaining confidence in our uniquely crafted features, and growing from one phase of life into the next. Truth be told, that is what makes me proud to serve as a loctician. It's being a witness to the personal and hair growth to my wonderful clients! 

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